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Circles of Reality

How to switch from Survival Mode to Living & Problem Solving Mode
The Difference

Making long-term changes requires a shift and interruption to the thinking, feeling and behavioural cycle. We address both cognitive and emotive patterns.

Mental images are at the root of irrational beliefs and emotional disturbances, and so rational images can be very powerful in conjunction with disputing irrational beliefs and emotional regulation in effecting a transformation going forward. 

I am truly excited for you as you learn the power of circles for the first time.

About me

David Zulberg, born in South Africa, has always had a deep connection with nature and wildlife. Currently residing in New York, he holds a Master’s in Finance from Columbia University, where he also majored in philosophy. 

The Mission

Are you tired of feeling trapped in an endless loop of unhealthy habits, survival reactions, emotional attachments, and intense cycles of feelings? 

The Problem

 Like animals who feel threatened, we tend to perceive the world, others, or challenges as threats. This also prevent us from focusing on what we really want as we become consumed by the pain we wish to avoid or the things we believe are necessary for survival or happiness. 

The Solution

To live within your own power and let be what is out of your control is easier said than done. This is where this system shines because you will learn complex and researched principles through cool and simple circle images. There is something almost magical that happens in the mind when you learn visually.

The Tools

You will learn the practical tools to apply detachment, emotional regulation, awareness of survival reactions before they happen and switching to problem-solving mode. 
You will master authentic meditation even while your eyes are open during everyday activities and situations. 

Therapy Sessions

My Approach

Our self-inquiry addresses all 5 stages separately because once they are in place and triggered, strong chains are formed between all these levels. 


The Power of Circles


Diputing Underlying Beliefs


Emotional Regulation


Transforming Self-concept


Taking Action & Boundaries

I strongly recommend David and his various courses for any individual or company who wishes to invest so as to be able to develop, grow and face the challenges of the ever-developing world around us.

Rob Katz - CEO, Peregrine Holdings (Pty) Ltd (formerly listed on the JSE)

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