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My Approach

I prefer circles because they create a defined and separate space for each realm of control, but circles can also overlap each other or be enmeshed with each other. This will be explained beautifully and visually so we can understand how and why our thinking patterns lead to feelings and then lead to behaviours. ​

Separate Circles

Separated Circles  

Here these is no overlap. No interest or desire to connect. Nothing is taken personally. 

Copy of Peach Pastel Simple Mental Care Venn Diagram Graph (1)_edited.jpg

Enmeshed Circles

There is attachment and loss of autonomy. Self-concept is confused with other-concept and how life unfolds. 

Circles of Reality_edited.jpg

Overlapping Circles

There are healthy boundaries in place where you accept the other person and how life unfolds. But you have preferences instead of demands.

Circle enmeshment takes me out of reality and triggers disturbed feelings and suffering. Circle enmeshment is unrealistic, illogical and unhelpful.   This is how the enmeshment mental model works.  There are 5 steps that are mostly unconscious until you are consciously aware of this process:
Modern Steps Project Management Process Infographic Graph_edited.jpg
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